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Book your business meeting at The Summit Event Center in May, June, or July, and receive 50% off audio/visual ($200 value).

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How to save money on your reception

2-9-15  This is the time of year when we get oodles of calls and visits from newly engaged couples.  Since it is first for many, their priorities for their wedding day are unclear, but cost usually does indeed matter.  We are committed to offering exceptional customer service and keeping prices down.  Still, like everyone else, we have peak demand.  For us it is Saturday nights from April to October and in December.  During these times, we don't offer as much flexibility.  During other times (weeknights, Fridays, Sundays, and also Saturday afternoons), we can be more flexible both in terms of catering minimums or room rentals.  The best thing to do if you wish to save money is ask a lot questions about what exactly is included in the quote.  Note that venues do not quote in the same format so getting final cost information is so very important -you need to confirm that the quote is absolutely final cost.  Our quotes always includes service charge and sales tax, but many venues do not include those items.  You might think one venue is less expensive than another until you get the bill!  Also, be open to selecting a date that will help save you money while still getting the same services.  Please let us know how we can help - we are always happy to do so.

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Thank our troops, especially those at nearby Buckley Air Force Base

9-11-13  On 9/11, we remember the horrible events that occurred in our country 12 years ago. Everyone can state where they were and what they were doing on that day. On this anniversary, it is a perfect time to reflect on your life and your blessings, and also to remember the men and women who serve our great nation. Our company is very close by Buckley Air Force Base which houses every branch of the military. We host some of the military parties and black tie events, and see them in our neighboring businesses frequently. Our company offers a military discount as a token of our appreciation. What do you do to show your appreciation? A simple thank you can go a long way!

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Does Final Cost Truly Mean Final Cost?

8-6-13 We work with many customers planning business meetings and wedding receptions (and other social events) who do not have experience with events. One of the subjects that we find ourselves talking about a lot is "service charge and sales tax". In our industry, these two items are the ++ behind a given price.
At The Summit, we charge 20% service charge and 8% sales tax on services such as catering, audio-visual equipment rental, and beverages.
Most of our competitors in Denver apply service charges of 22% to 24%.  The sales tax rate is determined by the state and city (Aurora, in our case).  The Summit provides an estimate that lists the service charge and sales tax totals.  However this is not a standard industry practice.   Most hotels and wedding venues quote WITHOUT these two items, so you need to find out how much more you will truly be paying by asking the right questions. Adding 30% to a bill can be a tremendous sum.  So when you are searching for a meeting or wedding venue that fits your budget, be sure to ask about the service charge and sales tax.     Hope this helps save some readers from a stressful surprise!

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The RSVP Challenge!

6-17-13   RSVP is an abbreviation for 'respondez s'il vous plait', which means 'respond please' and is often requested in an invitation. It seems like society has lost this common courtesy due to our busy lives. We work with business and social customers day in and day out that are planning meetings and events where head count matters. It is amazing how many people do not reply to invitations and therefore create more stress for the event planner. So here is a challenge that we are issuing- try to respond yes or no (maybe is not a real response so don't do that!) to all invitations received for meetings, conferences, wedding receptions, and social events between today and September 1st and then email us if you are successful. We'll enter your name in a drawing for a fun prize. Tell your friends too because what the heck, the more people that change their ways, the better off society will be. Bring back the RSVP!

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