Business Meetings

Catering Options

The Summit Conference and Event Center works with premier licensed catering/restaurant partners to provide guests with food and beverage packages to meet just about any budget or distinctive palette. Our menus are not a complete list of options but rather some of the most popular offerings, and can accommodate special dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten free. We work with our customers on all aspects of the meeting or conference including the catering, and then we coordinate with our catering/restaurant partners to make it happen!

Outside Catering

Alternatively, The Summit Conference and Event Center gives you the option of bringing in your own catering. We are one of the very few Denver meeting venues that does not require licensed Denver caterers and we do not force you to use one of our approved vendors. When you choose this option, we charge a simple room rental fee. The rate mainly depends on how many guests you expect (which tells us how much space and staff you will be needing) so ask our sales staff for a free quote.

No Catering

Lastly, The Summit Conference and Event Center can rent you meeting space without any food or beverage requirements. We have multiple restaurant options in our vicinity.

For a copy of our Summit Business Meetings Menu, email us