Letter To Our Patrons

Letter To Our Patrons

Dear Summit Event Center Patrons:

Due to the concerns surrounding the (COVID-19) virus, it is important that we highlight the things we do on a regular basis to ensure a healthy environment, including the added precautions we are taking to reduce the spread of ANY disease, including Coronavirus.


  • Be sure our staff engages in frequent high friction hand washing with warm water and antibacterial soap for at least thirty seconds.
  • Be sure our staff wears latex gloves when handling food.
  • Although most of our events use disposable plates, cups and utensils, we have a high efficiency dishwasher set a sanitary setting, with a wash cycle of 150 to 160 degrees and a rinse cycle of at least 180 degrees.
  • We clean the facility, including the prep kitchen and bathrooms before, during and after every event and we frequently wipe off high touch areas, such as door handles. In addition, our bathrooms are always stocked with soap, hand towels and toilet paper. As a reminder, we do not have a fully operation kitchen and do not cook food on-site.
  • Although we are not trying to be rude, we often refrain from shaking hands with customers in order to do our best to not spread ANY virus/disease.
  • We always encourage our staff to not come to work if they exhibit any signs/symptoms of ANY virus/disease.
  • Although almost all of our events are local in nature with local attendees, we will be asking our customers to encourage their event attendees to refrain from coming to their events here at the Summit if exhibiting even the slightest symptoms of the Coronavirus.


  • Be sure to engage in frequent high friction hand washing with warm water and antibacterial soap for at least thirty seconds.
  • Please refrain from coming to the Summit Event Center if you are exhibiting any of the signs/symptoms of the Coronavirus (cough, shortness of breath, fever) and contact your MD right away. Keep in mind, you could be a carrier for 2-14 days before even having any symptoms.
  • Stay informed and don’t let yourself get pulled into all the sensationalism that is out there with the only purpose of capturing your attention. Use reputable sources such as www.colorado.gov/cdphe

Let’s be sure we all do our part in stopping the spread of this disease and all of the miss information surrounding it.

Stay healthy everyone!

Summit Event Center Staff!