How To Book The Perfect Event Venue – Part Two.

How To Book The Perfect Event Venue – Part Two.
  • Catering
    • Food is often the single most important element to the success of your event. Most venues either have an internal catering department or require you to use one of their catering partners. It is difficult to be good at everything, so the results can often be considered “hotel food.“
    • The Summit prides itself on serving GREAT food so we have partnered with numerous well know restaurants who are know for their food. The result is better food for a better price! And, if you want to bring in your own food, we let you do that also.
  • Liquor
    • Some event venues will allow you to bring in your own liquor if they don’t have a liquor license. The risk in doing this is you may be held liable for incidents stemming from serving alcohol. You should ask yourself, is the risk worth it?
    • The Summit has its own liquor license and “tips-certified” bartenders. Our prices are competitive with most restaurants and we can special order if given enough lead-time.
  • Staff
    • The service industry in Colorado has been experiencing a labor shortage for a few years now. Especially hard hit have been the hotels. The result is a revolving door of personnel with little to no experience, and little to no motivation to do a good job.
    • We are very fortunate to have a very tight group of employees, may of whom have been with us for over 10 years. We take a lot of pride in the service we offer, which is often reflected in our five star reviews. In fact, many of our clients know our staff personally and come back because of those relationships.
  • History
    • Event centers come and go as frequently as the seasons change, often walking away with your deposit or even your entire rental fee never to be heard from again.
    • Over 20 years, The Summit Event Center has hosted over 200 events per year in the same location. Generations of family’s have trusted us for their most important life events.
  • Value
    • At the end of the day, it comes down to value. Set a realistic budget and then do your due diligence. All of us here at the Summit Event Center are here to help you.